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Router Services : NAT

                                    NAT (Network Address Translation)
 Ø  Nat is going to allow us to use private ip addresses inside of our network and convert them into Publicly Routable address as we go out the outside of network

Ø  Static NAT:-
We gona map inside Local Address (a Private ip address) to a specific inside global address which is publicly routable 
  Ø  Also known as 1 private = 1 Public {ip address} mapping

{Static NAT Configuration}
{Inside interface: - LAN network {internal}
{Outside Interface: - internet (Public ip address}

               Ø  Dynamic NAT
We have Groups (Pool) of inside Global Address and we configure Dynamic NAT to translate them to inside Privates ip address

{To configure Dynamic NAT}
  Ø  we Mention INSIDE and OUTSIDE interface
  Ø  Create Access-list to Permit {our Private} address
  Ø  Also we Create a Pool {range} of Public ip Address

   To creating a pool:-
{Router (config)#ip nat pool PUBLIC_ADDRESS netmask}
{PUBLIC_ADDRESS :- Pool name (any name)
  Ø  And last we configure all of them in one NAT command

PAT (Port Address Translation)
  Ø  In this NAT type we have multiple inside Private address But we have only Single inside Global ip address
  Ø  All of device{like pc switch routers ,etc} inside of your network they need to share only 1 Public routable inside Global address
 To Configure PAT
  Ø  Mention the INSIDE and OUTSIDE interfaces
  Ø  Create a access-list for permit or deny the ip address
  Ø  Configure all of 1 NAT statement
Router(config)#ip nat inside source list 1 interface fastEthernet 0/1 overload
{1 :- Access-list no.}
{overload:- all private address are overloaded in single public address}

Configuration of PAT:-

 {now ping to internet and verify}

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