Thursday, February 12, 2015

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Samba Server Configuration in RHEL6

 Samba Server
Ø  is use for file and folder sharing between Linux system and Window System
Server ip address:

First of All we install Samba Server Package
Ø  insert the Red hat installation Disk
Ø  and then go to Packages folder
If Yum is installed on your Server
Ø  [root@Server Desktop]# yum –y install samba      

2. Add User to Authenticate with Clients
Ø  Also add user to Samba(share) Directory to Authenticate the Clients when it Request for Server Sharing Directory
Ø  {-a: - adding the User}

3. Now Start and make Permanent the Service
Ø  {Samba uses two daemon {smb and nmb}
Ø  {Daemon :- it is a service used for communication
4. Stop Firewall {iptable} and on the Samba Service through SELinux
5. Now Go to Client (window) machine and access Samba User Home Directory

To Share a Directory (Folder)
Ø  We go to Smb.conf file and add some Content
Ø  And this will share our Directory 

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