Friday, January 23, 2015

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Networking Devices

            Network Component   

 HUB: -              

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Ø  1 Collision Domain: - One port can send and receive at same time.

Ø 1  Broadcast Domain: -How Far Broadcast travels in a network.
MAU (Media Access Unit): -  
Bridge: - Learn Mac address one side to another side: -   

    Switches: -

Ø  Each port has a collision domain   
Ø  1 Broadcast Domain   
Ø  Full Duplex communication   
Ø  Learn mac address   
Ø  Make Forwarding Decisions based on Mac Address   
Ø  MAC (Media Access Control) address
                ü  A 48-bits address burnet into Network Interface Card (NIC).  

Organization Unique identifier (OUI) (24 bits) (6 Hex Character)
Vendor Assigned or Vendor Code
(24 bits) (6 Hex Character)


               Mac Address: -  00:19:56:2D:EA: 8A

Ø  The Mac address will store in Switch Chip called ASIC (Application specific Integrated Circuit) that is created by IBM   

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