Friday, March 20, 2015

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BGP IntroDuction (BGP Part-1 CCNP)

Ø  Default route only: - instead of getting all internet routing from one or more ISPs. The ISP either send or administrator of each side configure a default route for outgoing access. We pretty much use primary and backup ISP scenarios or we some do basic load balancing between both ISP

Ø  Partial updates:-we don’t have deal with whole routing table of internet. Either the ISP’s use filter that we only receive specific route that we want from specific destination

Ø  Full update:-we gona receiving entire internet routing table from one and more ISP’s. These ISP’s send you 100 + MB routing table from the internet over to your office. So your router gone receive massive routing table from both ISP and will store both of them so it will keep two copies. If you have 3 ISPs 3 copies. Each one increasing massive amount of memory in your router going to need. After it will only choose best path that end up going into routing table. But it maintain all the other path in its known as BGP table. If one ISP goes down the router can immediately send routes to other ISP and choose that is our primary or instead of load-balancing

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