Friday, July 15, 2016



 CDP or LLDP both run at Layer2  
We don’t need even ip addressing on neighboring devices to see one another  

Cisco Proprietary
Open Standard
CDP tends to more lightweight protocol  as compared to LLDP
We have availability to do more customization with LLDP

LLDP control what information is sent between neighbors. We can send a collection of attribute and these attribute control type, length and value description. That often abbreviated TLV. We have variety of TLV

CDP enabled by default

To Enable LLDP in Cisco Switch   
Ø  Sw1(config)#lldp run  
 For controlling the LLDP to what information sent to neighbors 
Ø  Sw1(config)# lldp tlv-select ?    

To Show more information about neighbors  
Ø  Sw1#show lldp neighbors  
Ø  Sw1#show lldp neighbors detail  

To Disable LLDP in particular interface  
Ø  Sw1(config)#interface fastethernet 1/0/1  
Ø  Sw1(config-if)#no lldp receive  
Ø  Sw1(config-if)# no lldp transmit  

Conclusion: - LLDP can give us very similar information like CDP. Infact bit more information we have more granular control over what information get exchanged and its Vendor inoperable   


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