Wednesday, February 4, 2015


ConFiguRaton of Syslog,SNMP and NetFlow

Trick allow us to view Console Messages even if were connected via Telnet and SSH
Ø  Router1#terminal monitor

Ø  Router1(config)#interface fast 0/0
Ø  Router1(config-if)#ip address
Ø  Router1(config-if)#no shut
Ø  Router1(config-if)#exit

{Syslog Server Configuration}
Ø  Router1(config)#logging       {enable logging in This ip address}
Ø  Router1(config)#logging trap debugging     {Logging Level}
Ø  Router1#show logging       {Confirm & Verify the Logging Configuration}

{Now go to Server (acts as PC) and Install Syslog Software and open to Show the Logging information} Varity of Syslog Software are Available in Internet (Kiwi Syslog Server, Tftpd)

Ø  Router1(config)#snmp-server community DEMO ro           (DEMO:-Community string{name} and ro:-Read Only Access (RO)

Ø  Router1(config)#snmp-server community CCNA_DEMO rw              {CCNA_DEMO :- Community string which have Read-Write Access}

Ø  Router1(config)#snmp-server location CHANDIGARH_INDIA  
Ø  Router1(config)#snmp-server contact SHUBHAM KUMAR                 
Ø  Router1(config)#snmp-server host version 2c CCNA_DEMO      {Setting up Notifications to send SNMP-Manager }

Ø  Router1(config)#snmp-server enable traps       {enable traps notification}

Ø  Router1#show snmp        {verify SNMP Configuration}
Ø  Router1#show run | include traps     {show what traps are enabled}                                                                                                         {|(pipe)= Shift + \ (Back slash}  

{Now go to Server (acts as PC) and Install SNMP-Manager and open to Show the Logging information}
Ø  Download Cisco Prime (SNMP Manager}

Ø  Router1(config-if)#interface fastEthernet 0/0
Ø  Router1(config-if)#description CONNECTED TO SWITCH
Ø  Router1(config-if)#ip flow ingress      {ingress:-Enable inbound NetFlow}
Ø  Router1(config-if)#exit

Ø  Router1(config-if)#interface serial 1/0
Ø  Router1(config-if)#description CONNECTED TO INTERNET
Ø  Router1(config-if)#ip flow ingress          {ingress:-Enable inbound NetFlow}
Ø  Router1(config-if)#exit

Ø  Router1#show ip cache flow     {to See number or Flow}

{Point to Router for External NetFlow-Collector}
Ø  Router1(config)#ip flow-export source fastEthernet 0/0             {Which interface is responsible for exporting the NetFlow information}
Ø  Router1(config)#ip flow-export version 5 
Ø  Router1(config)#ip flow-export destination 9996      {External NetFlow Collector ip address and NetFlow Port no.}


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