Friday, February 13, 2015

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Yum Server & Client Configuration in RHEL6

                Yum (Yellow Dog Updater and Modifier) Server and Client Configuration

Ø  Resolve the Dependencies
Ø  Open Source Tool
Ø  Also use for Modify and Update the Packages

First of All we install FTP Server Package
Ø  insert the Red hat installation Disk
Ø  and then go to Packages folder
Ø  First we install FTP Package which transfer the file and also useful when we transfer the files to or from Clients

Ø  Now Server Side Yum Configuration is Done
{We can install the Packages using Yum in Server Side}
  Ø  [root@Server1 Desktop]# yum –y install dhcp       {-y = yes install Dependencies}

                                          {Client Side Configuration}


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