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Cisco Switch Hardware and ( Telnet or SSH)

Stack wise: -allow stack of as many as nine Cisco Catalyst 3750 Switches to be administrated as a single logical switch.

What is Cisco iOS
Ø  The Internetworking Operating System
Ø  A Command Line method of configuring a Cisco device
Ø  Software that is consistent through nearly all cisco devices
Ø  Learn it once, use it many times
Ø  More Powerful than any graphic interface

 Connecting via Console 
Ø  Console Cable: -A Cable with 9-pin connector on one end and an RJ-45 connector on the other end 

Ø  Plug the Serial end into the Back of your Pc.
Ø  Plug the RJ45 end into Console port on switch

Serial-to-USB Adapter: -An adapter that allow you to connect your console cable into your PC via a USB connector

 Cisco iOS Modes: -
Ø  >  “ :-this mode is called User mode. In this mode we have some “show” commands. But not able to do any configuration if do any configuration we go on Privilege Mode to go on Privilege mode we use keyword “enable”

Ø  Switch>enable                      
in enable mode we can view and verify and also do few configurations like time zone and vlan. And symbol of enable mode is “ #

For do any Configuration in Switch we will go to Global Configuration mode
Ø  Switch# configure terminal

Giving ip address to Switch
Ø  Switch(config)# interface vlan1             (because all ports in switch under Vlan 1}
Ø  Switch(config-if)#ip address
Ø  Switch(config-if)#no shut            (Turn on the Port}
Ø  Switch(config-if)#exit
Also Default Gateway configuration for internet
Ø  Switch(config)#ip default-gateway      {Router ip address}

To Check the Connectivity between Switch and Router, we will use “ping” command      
Ø  Switch# ping      {router ip address}
Enable Telnet Access
Ø  Switch(config)#line vty 0 4                   
ü  5 User Simultaneously access the Switch
ü  Vty: - Virtual Terminal
Ø  Switch(config-line)#password cisco                     {password}
Ø  Switch(config-line)#login                                 {Ask of user Credentials}
Ø  Switch(config-line)#exit
Ø  Switch(config)#enable secret cisco    
ü  to enter in Privilege Mode after the Telnet password  

Download Putty or We can use Window Telnet tool
First Enable “Telnet Client” on “Turn on Window feature on or off” option

Ø  C:\>telnet                   (Switch ip)
Cisco Recommended Use SSH Instead Telnet because telnet is not Secure it will Send data in Clear text

 SSH (Secure Shell)
ü  It Securely Send and Receive data over the network (encrypted data)
ü  When we Login It Prompt us for Username and Password

Configuration of SSH
Ø  Switch(config)#username admin secret cisco                
ü  When we login through SSH it will ask for username and password

We will assign domain-name for Switch to use SSH
Ø  Switch(config)#ip domain-name ccnaccnplinux.local                     
ü  any Domain-name

Now we will create Self-Signed Digital Certificate for encryption
Ø  Switch(config)#crypto key generate rsa
                               : 1024       {ask for choose the size of key}

Ø  Switch(config)#ip ssh version 2

Now Implement these Credentials in VTY LINE
Ø  Switch(config)#line vty 0 4
Ø  Switch(config-line)#login local               (Local username and password)
Ø  Switch((config-line)#transport input ssh             {this will allow ssh to Communicate across the Network}
Ø  Switch(config-line)#exit


Using Putty, Download and install Putty



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