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BGP Attribute Tunning (Metric) {BGP Part 6 CCNP)


Ø  Metric:- is only an attribute you have to try and influence other Autonomous Systems

2 methods to Setup the Metric

1st is set the metric globally
Our goal is All the Traffic coming from ISP {or different AS} to reach our enterprise networks using R1 (as a gateway} not R4.
To do this we Set higher metric in R4 {default metric is 0} lower metric is better in BGP scenario and oblivious all traffic coming from R1

Ø  R4(config)# bgp 65001
Ø  R4(config-router)#default-metric 100 
Ø  R4#clear ip bgp * soft                       {Resetting the BGP Process}                 

All Router in ISP side Choose R1 to Reach

2nd Method using Route-map command
Ø  Our Goals is influence the ISP{or different AS}  to reach enterprise network using R4
Ø  To do this we will set the higher metric on R1 and automatically all the ISP traffic coming through R4 because lower metric is better

Ø R1(config)#route-map DENY_R1 permit 10          DENY_R1:- Route-map Name
Ø R1(config-router-map)# set metric 200      
R1 metric is higher than R4 {default is 0} and All ISP side Traffic coming to enterprise network using R4

Apply the Route-map into R1 BGP Process
Ø  R1(config)#router bgp 65001
Ø  R1(config-router)#neighbor route-map DENY_R1 out           Apply outgoing routes

Ø  clear ip bgp * soft                     Resetting the BGP Process

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