Friday, January 16, 2015


Router and Switch Passwords

We use Passwords to Protect our Networking Devices
                To Configure the Passwords in Cisco Switch/Router

Ø  Switch/Router(Config) # enable password Cisco
 (This password in shown on Clear text in our Running Configuration So we did not use this password we use Enable Password)

Ø  Switch/Router (Config) # enable secret Cisco
   (This is level 5 encryption This type of  password is very Difficult to Crack and this is not shown in Clear text Instead of Hashing (MD5) form)

To Remove:-
Ø  Switch/Router #no enable password

  3rd Console port password to Protect our Console Port because someone plug the console cable in our switch and destroy our network)

To console port:-
Ø  Switch/Router (Config)# Line console 0 
Ø  Switch/Router (config-line)#Password Cisco
Ø  Switch/Router(config-line) #login     (when we plug the Cable It will ask the Password)
Ø  Switch/Router(config-line) #exit

  4th Type of Password is telnet Passwords
       (We use telnet to Remotely Access our Networking Devices)

To Telnet:-
Ø  Switch/Router (Config)# line vty 0 4             (5 Usear simultaneously access  the device)
Ø  Switch/Router(config-line) #Password Cisco
Ø  Switch/Router(config-line) #login  (When we use telnet it will prompt us For Password)
Ø  Switch/Router(config-line) #exit

Ø Auxiliary only for Router (used to connect with modem)
(Switch have no Auxiliary Port)

Ø Router (Config)# line aux 0 
Ø  Router(config-line)#Password Cisco
Ø  Router(config-line) #login  (When we use telnet it will prompt us For Password)
Ø  Router(config-line) #exit

Because our Console and telnet Password in Clear Text
To encrypt The all Password

Ø  Switch/Router (Config)#service password-encryption
                                  (This is level 7 encryption Every single password encrypt on Cisco devices But this type of password encryption is easily Breakable )

Ø  To Break Level 7 encryption
( (type break Cisco password )


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