Tuesday, April 14, 2015


PPPoE Server & Client Configuration {CCNP Route}

PPPoE Server (ISP) Side Configuration:-

Create a Virtual-temples interface to face the customer side. When client initiate the session the router automatically spawns a virtual interface and show that a PPP connection
Ø  ISP(config)#interface virtual-template 1        
Ø  ISP(config-if)#ip address
Ø  ISP(config)#i peer default ip address pool CLIENT                {assigned the ip address to client using this Pool of Address}
Ø  ISP(config-if)#no shutdown
Ø  ISP(config-if)#exit

Configuration of BBA (Broadband Aggregation) group which will manage the incoming PPPoE connection attempts and bind them with Virtual-templet interface
Ø  ISP(config)#bba-group pppoe POINT-TO-POINT        
ü  POINT-TO-POINT:- bba group name
Ø  ISP(config-bba-group)# virtual-template 1         {associate Virtual Templet interface}
Ø  ISP(config-bba-group)#exit

Enable the PPPoE bba group
Ø  ISP(config)#interface fastEthernet 0/0
Ø  ISP(config-if)#description CONNECTED WITH R2
Ø  ISP(config-if)#pppoe enable group POINT-TO-POINT        
Ø  ISP(config-if)#no shutdown
Ø  ISP(config-if)#exit

Creating a pool that automatic assign the ip address to client
Ø  ISP(config)#ip local pool CLIENT    

To Authenticate the Clients {Customer}
Ø  ISP(config)#aaa new-model
Ø  ISP(config)#aaa authentication ppp R2_CLIENT local
ü  PPP :- Point-to-Point
ü  R2_CLIENT:- Authentication list name
ü  Local:- local username and password {see below}
Ø  ISP(config)#username ccnaccnplinux.com password 123456

Enable Authentication in Virtual interface
Ø  ISP(config)#interface virtual-template 1
Ø  ISP(config-if)# ppp authentication pap chap R2_CLIENT         {enable aaa authentication}

PPPoE Client {Customer} Side Configuration:-
Ø  R2(config)#interface FastEthernet0/0
Ø  R2(config-if)# no ip address
Ø  R2(config-if)# no shut down
Ø  R2(config-if)# pppoe enable group global        
ü  enable Group Globally

Ø  R2(config-if)# pppoe-client dial-pool-number 10             
ü  Configures the PPPoE client and specifies the dialer interface to use for cloning

Ø  R2(config-if)#exit

Creating a Dialer interface which indicates how to handle traffic from the clients
Ø  R2(config)#interface Dialer 1           {Create a Dialer interface with interface number 1} 
Ø  R2(config-if)# ip address dhcp               
ü  obtained through DHCP Server
Ø  R2(config-if)# ip address negotiate          
ü  obtained through PPP/IPCP (IP Control Protocol) address negotiation

Ø  R2(config-if)# ip mtu 1492
Ø  R2(config-if)# encapsulation ppp
Ø  R2(config-if)# dialer pool 10            
ü  Specifies the dialer pool to use to connect to a specific destination subnetwork
ü  10 :- Dialer pool number
Ø  R2(config-if)# ppp authentication pap chap callin           
ü  Authenticate remote on incoming call only

Authentication through CHAP Protocol   [Username and Password ISP Give you]
Ø  R2(config-if)# ppp chap hostname ccnaccnplinux.com  
Ø  R2(config-if)# ppp chap password 123456    

Authentication through PAP Protocol    [Username and Password ISP Give you]
Ø  R2(config-if)#ppp pap sent-username ccnaccnplinux.com password 123456    
Ø  R2(config-if)# ppp ipcp route default                {automatically use ISP to default route}

Configuration of NAT {allow Org to access the internet}:-
Ø  R2(config)#interface dialer 1
Ø  R2(config-if)#description WAN INTERFACE
Ø  R2(config-if)#ip nat outside
Ø  R2(config-if)#exit

Ø  R2(config)#interface fastEthernet 0/1
Ø  R2(config-if)#description LAN INTERFACE
Ø  R2(config-if)#ip address
Ø  R2(config-if)#ip nat inside
Ø  R2(config-if)#no shut
Ø  R2(config-if)#exit

Ø  R2(config)#access-list 20 permit any                          (Access-list)
Ø  R2(config)#ip nat inside source list 20 interface dialer 1 overload

  Now Test using PC1 to Ping “ccnaccnplinux.com”


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