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Wan Technology (Metro Ethernet,VSAT, 3G/4G,MPLS,ISDN,)

Wan Technology:-                             
                                                               Metro Ethernet
A Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) that uses High-speed Ethernet Connections

Ø  A MAN Technology
Ø  Based on Ethernet
Ø  Typically uses Fiber Optics

v  Advantages
Ø  Easily Connect with LANs
Ø  Less Expensive than Alternatives (like SONET)

v  Speed
Ø  10 Gbps
Ø  40 Gbps
Ø  100 Gbps

Very Small Aperture terminal (VSAT):- A WAN Technology that uses small satellite dishes installed at network locations for two-way communication via a Satellite


Ø  Two-way satellite communication
Ø  Satellite dishes is less than 3 meters
Ø  Useful for location that cannot have wired internet connection
Ø  Data rates typically in the range of 56 Kbps – Mbps
Ø  Data experience more Delay
Ø  Sensitive to weather condition

Cellular 3G and 4G
The 3rd and 4th Generation of Cellular Phone technology that can transmit and receive the data

Ø  G = Generation
Ø  Standards define by the International Telecommunication Union Radio Communication Sector(ITU-R)
Ø  Long Term Evolution (LTE) is commonly offered as a “4G” Technology
Ø  Can provide Internet access to Mobile and Stationary Devices
Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS):- Makes forwarding Decisions based on 20-bit Label and 32-bit Header

Integrated Service Digital Network: - is a Digital Circuit Technology where a circuit is divided into logical B Channel (which Carry Voice, Video, Data) and D Channel (which carry Signaling Protocols)

B Channel
2 -64 Kbps
T1 = 23 - 64  Kbps
E1 = 30 - 64 Kbps
D Channel
1 – 16 Kbps
1 - 64 Kbps

Ø  BRI (Basic Rate Interface):- An ISDN circuit that contains two (64Kbps) B Channel and one (16 Kbps) D Channel

Ø  PRI (Primary Rate Interface):- :- An ISDN circuit that contains 23 (64Kbps) B Channel and One (64Kbps) D Channel on a T1,  or 30Kbps  B Channel and one D Channel E1

Ø  Q.921:- ISDN’s Layer 2 Signaling Protocols
Ø  Q.931:-ISDN’s Layer 3 Signaling Protocols


  1. E1 uses 30 B channels plus 1D channel, 64K each. I presume it's a mistype but for sake of others and punctuality correct this.

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