Sunday, May 22, 2016

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Telnet and SSH Configuration in Cisco Router

Enable Telnet Access
Ø  Router (config)#enable secret Cisco      (configuring password for enter in Enable and Configuration mode)      
Ø  Router (config)#line vty 0 4                  (5 User Simultaneously access the Switch} Vty: - Virtual Terminal
Ø  Router (config-line)#password Cisco                    {password}
Ø  Router (config-line))#login                            {Ask of user Credentials}
Ø  Router (config-line))#exit

 {To Verify}
ü  Enable “Telnet client” Feature in”)
ü  Add or remove Program
ü  Turn on or off window feature
ü  Check the Telnet Client)

Window Terminal
Ø  C:\Users> telnet      (Switch IP)
Cisco Recommended Use SSH Instead Telnet because telnet is not Secure it will Send data in Clear text
Enable SSH {Secure Shell}
ü  It Securely Send and Receive data over the network
ü  When we Login It Prompt us for Username and Password

Ø  Router (config)#username admin secret Cisco                   (creating username and password for ssh)
Ø  Router (config)#ip domain-name ccna.local                      (domain-name mandatory for SSH)

Creating Self-signed Digital Certificate
Ø  Router (config)#crypto key generate rsa
: 1024                             {ask for choose the size of key}
Ø  Router(config)#ip ssh version 2                                            (enabling SSHv2) 
Now implement these Credentials in vty line
Ø  Router (config)#line vty 0 4
Ø  Router (config-line))##login local                  (Local username and password we created earlier)
Ø  Router (config-line))##transport input ssh            {this will allow only ssh to Communicate across the Network}
Ø  Router(config-line))##exit

Now Verify using Putty install on your Pc
ü  Host Name: - Router ip address

Ø  Port: - SSH Default Port number 22 


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