Monday, March 23, 2015

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BGP Attribute Tunning (Weight) {BGP Part 4 CCNP)


Ø  Cisco Proprietary
Ø  Higher weight is better
Ø  In this scenario if we set the weight in R2 it does not leave from R2. It stay on Router2

2 Methods: - 1st is to specify the weight for Specific neighbor and 2nd is using route-map commands

  To define the weight for Specific neighbor
   In above scenario R2 Respectively have Two Gateways to reach outside network. So we will use R4 for Primary and R1 as Secondary. To do this we increase the Weight. By default weight is set to everything is 0

Ø  R2(config)#router bgp 65001
Ø  R2(config-router)#neighbor description R4
Ø  R2(config-router)#neighbor weight 10
Ø  R2#clear ip bgp * soft               Resetting the BGP Process to take affect
Ø  Show ip bgp                                   display the BGP information

Now test using “traceroute” from R2
All the Traffic from R2 will go from (R4 Gateway)


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