Sunday, February 15, 2015

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DNS Server Configuration in RHEL6

                          DNS Server Configuration
Primary DNS Server Configuration
Ø  is use to Resolve the ip address to Domain-name and Vice-versa
 Ø  First of All we install DNS (BIND) Server Package

 Ø  Now we Configure Bind(named) Configuration file

Ø  Configuration of DNS Database file
 Restart and Permanent save the Service

Ø  Configure Host File

Ø  Test the Primary DNS Server using “ping”

 Ø  Slave(Secondary) DNS Server Configuration
Ø  Install BIND(dns) Server Packages
 Ø  Configuration of DNS Server File
 Ø  Restart and Permanent Save the Service
 Ø  Ping the Slave(Secondary) DNS Server using hostname or Zone Name

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