Tuesday, August 2, 2016

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Cisco gives us huge favor by giving us a feature called “Stackwise”

With Stackwise we have all of the switches virtually appear as a single chasse. Logically its look like a modular switch and each of these physical switch chassis, they appear to be a different modular. We can manage this entire stack of switches with a single management ip address. We don’t have to be bouncing back and forth between one console and another console. We get mange all of them in one place

You notice that back of switches we got a couple of special connectors, a stack1 and stack2 connector, and we those connector to interconnect all of the switch using the interconnect cable. That’s allow the switches to appear to be in the same virtual switch chasse

Benefits of Stackwise

Ø  Scalability prospective we have many as many 9 switches in a single stack
Ø  Also we can manage all nine switches in as stack using single management ip address
Ø  We have Redundant connection between switches
Ø  And also there is going to be one switch that automatically elected as the master switch from the stack. If that switch goes down, their gonna be automatic reelection for another master switch.
ü  That means we got redundancy in case of interconnected cable issue.
ü  We have redundancy in case of switch failure
ü  And truly ease of administrative burden 

Few different flavor of Stackwise

Ø  Stackwise and Stackwise Plus: - We find these feature on cisco catalyst 3750-E and X series switches and cisco catalyst 3850 series switch. These model of switches support Stackwise and Stackwise plus
ü  Stackwise Plus: - is an enhancement that the allow us to do local switching. If we have stack of 9 switches with ingress and egress ports on same physical chasse. There is a no need to send that traffic of over that virtual backplane. It stays on local switch that’s gonna keep unnecessary traffic of those interconnect cable
ü  Stackwise Plus is a technology that allow us to use that virtual backplane officially

Ø  Stackwise-480:- it available on cisco catalyst 3850 series switches. This increase the virtual backplane speed interconnecting our switches in the stack and speed in 480 Gigabit per second as name suggest. They all are multilayer switches

Ø  Cisco does have a Stackwise like feature for L2 switches and it’s called “Flex Stack”. We can find these on cisco catalyst 2960-s Series switches. In that Flex Stack we can manage 4 of these switches.
Verify StackWise Operation

Ø  Output of this command gives us a lot’s of information about
ü  The status of a virtual Stackwise switch
ü  Status of stack
ü  The status of Stack Port
ü  The Mac-address being used by stack
ü  And stack manger version

Conclusion:- Stackwise is a way to logically combine multiple chassis into a single virtual chasse
ü  With redundancy of our interconnected cables
ü  And redundancy in case of one of physical chasse were fail
ü  And the Stack will continue to operate 


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